Our Approach

Why choose us? It’s THE question, isn’t it? And it’s an important one to answer. But instead of writing about our vision and how we see doing business, we’ll just give you a few reasons.

  • Because when you hire us, you actually work with US – a senior team – directly. Our experience is vast, our connections are deep, and our solutions are creative. We have overseen countless major programs, organizations, campaigns and crises throughout our careers for a diverse range of businesses and groups. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to combine the tried-and-true with the up-and-coming.
  • Because “strategic” is more than a throwaway word that we use on the website and in our brochures – it’s the foundation for all we do, and the reason we recommend anything. Trust us, you’ll be tired of hearing it – but you’ll thank us for it in the long run.
  • Because we are successful. We develop effective approaches that work for our clients, and we do it on time, on budget and – here it is – on strategy. We’re happy to tell you about some of our work – click here for a few examples, or feel free to contact us directly.
  • Because we don’t want to be the biggest, only the best at what we do for our clients. We strive to work with organizations committed to not only improving their business, but also the communities they serve. We provide clients with senior-level expertise, experience and strategy, as well as access to community, government and business leaders, and a deep-rooted knowledge of the inner workings of our communities. Your success is how we measure ours, and we work tirelessly to make it happen.


City of Las Vegas, NV

  • Organization-wide Development Review Process Efficiency Analysis
  • Organization-wide Fundamental Services Review
  • Development Services Dept. Operational Analysis
  • Fire and Rescue Dept. — Multi-Agency Training Exercise Analysis
  • City Council Board Development

Organization and Mgmt. Studies:

  • Dept. of Leisure Services
  • Dept. of Neighborhood Services
  • Parks and Open Spaces Div.
  • Deputy City Marshals Div.
  • Animal Control Div.
  • Field Operations Administrative Div.

City of Mesquite, NV

  • Dept. of Development Services Departmental Review

City of Henderson, NV

Organization and Mgmt. Studies:

  • City Clerk’s Office
  • City Attorney’s Office
  • Human Resources Dept.
  • Public Works Dept.
  • Utilities Dept.
  • Police Dept.

Clark County Health District, NV

  • Administration Div. Business Systems and Systems Engineering
  • Nursing and Clinics Div. Workload Metrics and Measurements
  • Environmental Health Div. Mgmt. and Operations Analysis
  • Air Quality Div. Workload Distribution

Clark County, NV

  • Desert Conservation Program Mgmt. Analysis
  • County Manager’s Office – Mgmt. Analyst Review
  • Dept. of Air Quality Program Mgmt. Analysis
  • Dept. of Air Quality Organizational Climate Study
  • Dept. of Air Quality Re-engineering Implementation

Southern Nevada Workforce Investment Board

  • Organization and Mgmt. Study

Town of Pahrump, NV

  • Town Board Development


Calaveras County, CA

  • Sheriff’s Dept. Staffing Study
  • Sheriff’s Dept. Strategic Plan

City of Stockton, CA

  • Executive Staffing Capacity Study
  • Redevelopment Dept. Organizational Capacity Study

Cities of Pleasanton and Livermore, CA

  • Tri-Cities Public TV Organizational Analysis

City of Fresno, CA

  • Dept. of Public Works O & M Study
  • Planning and Development Dept. Work Flow Analysis
  • Airport Operations Study
  • Convention and Events Bureau Review
  • Internal Audit

City of Tracy, CA

  • Police Dept. Productivity and Staffing Analysis, Tracy, CA
  • Dept. of Public Works Operational Analysis
  • Dept. of Engineering and Development Operations Audit
  • Fire Dept. Work Schedule Evaluation
  • Fire Dept. Needs Assessment Analysis
  • Fire Dept. Standards of Coverage Study

City of Visalia CA

Organization Structure Review:

  • Dept. of Public Works
  • Solid Waste Operations

City of West Covina, CA

  • O & M Study, Dept. of Public Works
  • Financial Condition Analysis
  • Multi-family Housing Analysis

Shasta College, Redding California

  • Workforce Development Assessment


ICMA Latinoamerica Safer Cities Project

  • 2008 Safer Cities Project – San Nicolas and Zopopan Police Depts.
  • 2004 Safer Cities Project – Mexico City and Leon Police Depts.


Animal Foundation, Las Vegas, NV

  • Organization-wide Development Review Process Efficiency Analysis
  • Organization-wide Fundamental Service Review
  • Board Development

Caesars Entertainment, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

  • Governmental Relations

Caesars Foundation, Las Vegas, NV

  • Operation of Caesars Entertainment, Inc
    (international charitable private foundation)

Casey Family Programs, Seattle Washington

  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Development/Marketing

Children’s Advocacy Alliance, Las Vegas NV

  • Board Development
  • Creation of 501c 3
  • Fundraising
  • (development of an independent child advocacy
    organization in Nevada)

Dave Rice Foundation, Las Vegas, NV

  • Organizational and Planning Review
  • Strategic/Business Planning

Greenspun Media Group, Las Vegas, NV

  • Governmental Relations

Michael Corrigan Restaurants, Las Vegas, NV

  • Public Relations/Marketing

NV Energy, Las Vegas, NV

  • Public Relations

Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

  • Board Development

Presbyterian Medical Services, Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development

Transition Services, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

  • Business/Strategic Planning

Wynn Resorts

  • Indoor Pyrotechnics